Coaching Models

Clemson Football Coaches, 1940


There are many different coaching models that are typically used in sports. If you have a favorite one for Forensic Debate or Mock Trial,  please let us know. Whatever model you choose, it will provide a valuable framework to focus your energy and create a positive environment. 

  • Devote time to team building 
    • Go slow at first, emphasizing having fun and getting to know one another
    • Plan a potluck with students and parents early in the season
    • Include conscious team building exercises (see lesson plan ideas for team building)
    • Create a fun atmosphere
  • Look for opportunities to take a class on coaching and/or coaching models
  • Give positive feedback at a 5:1 ratio  
    • Say what team members are doing before offering suggestions
    • If someone is struggling with an attempt, turn it into positive feedback:
      • “You did really well trying to maintain eye contact.”
      • “You did really well using different gestures.”
      • “Excellent job with your body posture.”
    • Share this method with students; encourage them to follow suit when commenting on each other’s performance

Coaching Models to Consider