Administrative Tasks

“It isn’t necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice — there are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia.”  Frank Zappa, musician and song writer.

Attorney Coaches:

  • Focus on what you do best! 
  • If you can, let others handle administrative matters!
  • Delegate responsibility when possible!

Faculty Adviser

  • Administrative:
    • Tournament Registration
    • Reserve location to practice
    • Reserve school computers when needed
    • Help arrange locations for scrimmages
    • Help collect club dues
    • Find location for Mock Trial bulletin board
    • Create and obtain parent permission slips
    • Arrange transportation
    • Liaison with school administration
    • Liaison with state and local Mock Trial sponsors
    • Liaison with parent volunteers
    • Assist with fund raising
    • Help obtain needed supplies
    • Help organize team potlucks
    • Help organize final awards ceremony
  • Other duties:
    • Daily contact point for students at the school
    • Teaching when attorney coach is not present
    • Leading group team building exercises
    • Recruitment

Club Officers

  • President/Vice President: 
    • Register the club with the school
    • Request  funds from student government
    • Lead membership recruitment efforts
    • Help create a budget for the team
    • Initiate fund raising efforts
    • Help insure regular attendance
    • Assist and advise other officers
    • Lead meetings if the coach is unavailable  
  • Treasurer: 
    • Collect club dues
    • Manage club account in conjunction with faculty adviser
  • Secretary:
    • Send out notices for meetings
    • Create announcements for the school
    • Line up coverage in school newspaper
    • Make sure the club is in the yearbook 

Team Captains

  • Recommend two team captains per team, one for the prosecution/plaintiff and one for the defense
  • Team captains should have prior Mock Trial experience in a variety of different roles
  • Team Captains should also have strong leadership ability
  • Primary responsibilities:
    • Assist team members in completing their work on time 
    • Assist and provide instruction to individual  team members when the coach is not available
    • Co-ordinate the team attorneys and witnesses so that the overall case is consistent and the needed facts come in at trial
    • Help motivate and guide team members