Funding a Team


American Red Cross Soliciting Funds, Detroit, Michigan, 1917-18

  • Funds are needed for the following:
    • Registration fees
    • Transportation costs
    • Supplies
    • Photocopying
    • Treats, lunch and/or dinners
    • Dress items for those who cannot afford it
    • Lodging if the team qualifies for state or nationals competitions
    • Potlucks and banquets
  • Estimate a season budget
  • Delegate fundraising to a student committee 
  • Fundraising options include:
    • Collecting dues (with fee waivers for those on free and reduced lunch)
    • Asking for student government contributions 
    • Soliciting law firms for donations
    • Donations from parents or benefactors
    • Fundraising activities such car washes and bake sales