Mock Trial Strategies

Last Minute Checklist

Last Minute Checklist

“I watch a lot of astronaut movies….mostly Star Wars. And even Han and Chewie use a checklist”  Jon Stewart, comedian, writer, actor,  producer, political commentator, and TV host. 

Things to Do:

  • Make sure everyone has appropriate clothes to wear
  • Complete and make copies of of roster
    • One master copy for tournament coordinator
    • 8 Copies of prosecution/plaintiffs roster
    • 8 copies of defense roster
      • Assumes a three round tournament, 4 per round – 3 for the judges and one for the opposing team.
    • Will need more for the state or national tournament
  • Blank copies of witness statements for impeachment (2 for each witness)
  • Copies of exhibits
    • Color preferred for effect
    • 9 total (3 per round – one to use in court, one for the other side, and one for the attorney to refer to.)
  • Legal pads and pens for the attorneys
  • All team members have read and signed the Mock Trial ethics agreement
  • Signed parental permission forms from students
  • Completed criminal background checks for each adult volunteer
  • Reserve van or arrange other transportation
  • If required, line up an educator judge for the competition 
  • Complete prosecution/plaintiff master notebook
    • Case and rules
    • Stipulations
    • Folder with rosters (8)
    • Copy of all openings, directs, crosses and closings
    • Folder with witness statements (2 per witness)
    • Folder with exhibits (9)
    • Objection log
    • Gender sheets (3)
    • Objections within the bar form (3)
  • Complete defense master notebook
    • Sam as above


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