Collaborative Work Areas

Online Collaborative Work

The success of the team depends on everyone on the team.


Online collaborative work areas:

  • Maximize time efficiency
  • Enable team members to create, share and comment on each other’s drafts and final work product
  • Allow documents to be jointly viewed and worked on during practices
  • Enable coaches and team captains to review,  keep track of, and give input of the work students are doing

Possible Online Work Area Sites

  • Paid Online work areas:    
    •  Please let us know if you know of any that are reasonably priced
  • Free Online Work areas:  (that we know of)
    1. Google Documents:
      • Private
      • Can be organized
      • Work templates can be uploaded
      • Allows coach, teacher or students to create, review and edit joint work
      • Drafts can be viewed by everyone on the team.
      • Allows the coach and team captain to make suggestions 
      • Allows coach and team captains to monitor work  to make sure deadlines are met
    2. Google Classroom 
      • Similar to Google Docs
      • Advantages over Goggle Docs:
        • Better organization
        • Calendar be substituted for the syllabus feature
        • Communication  is easier
        • Once all the team is in the class one does not have to continually share documents
      • Set up:
        • Teacher must create the initial classroom  
        • Teacher shares link with the attorney coach so the attorney coach can then ad calendar, create structure, and forms to work with
        • All team members are invited to join.
        • Attorney coach or teacher adviser must enable settings so documents can be worked on jointly by the entire team
      • Google is updating Classroom on a regular basis so new things are arriving all the time.
      • There are clear step-by-step guides online to help get you started.
    3. Let us know if you are aware of any other free options collaborative work space options and we will add them to this site!

Possible Organizational Structure

  • Ethical agreement for everyone to sign online.
  • Timeline
  • Master Issue sheet
  • Witness analysis (one for each witness)
  • Exhibit analysis (one for each Exhibit)
  • Witness acting profile (one for each witness)
  • Prosecution/Plaintiff
    • Prosecution/Plaintiff’s theory of the case, list of themes,  and elements of each count or affirmative defense
    • Prosecution/Plaintiff’s opening statement
    • Prosecution/Plaintiff’s direct examinations (one for each witness)
    • Prosecution/Plaintiff’s cross examinations (one for each witness)
    • Prosecution/Plaintiff’s closing argument
    • Prosecution/Plaintiff’s objection log
  • Defendant
    • Defendant’s theory of the case, list of themes, and elements of each count or affirmative defense
    • Defendant’s opening statement
    • Defendant’s/Plaintiff’s examinations (one for each witness)
    • Defendant’s cross examinations (one for each witness)
    • Defendant’s closing argument
    • Defendant’s objection log