Supplies and Props

Supplies and Props

A well ordered life suggests a well ordered mind . . . or does it?

Supplies to Consider

  • Three-ring binder for every team member
    • One color for all; black or white are preferrable
    • Hole punch all materials
    • Put team members name on notebooks
  • Master notebook for prosecution/plaintiff team
    • Team captain manages this
    • Useful as a backup in case anyone forgets their material  
    • Include copies of all case materials
    • Drafts of opening statement
    • Drafts of direct exams and cross exams
    • Drafts of closing argument
    • Drafts of objection log
    • Form for objections for lawyers ‘within the bar’ 
    • Team rosters
    • Gender sheets
    • Clean witness statements (not marked up)
  • Master notebook for defense team
    • Same as above
  • Legal pads for scrimmages and competitions
  • Extra pens and pencils
  • Tan folders for witness statements, exhibits, etc. 
  • Clean copies of exhibits for use at competitions
  • Several clipboards for those who want to use notes when performing 
  • Access to portable computers or computer lab for team work
  • Projector and computer to show videos, casework, and lesson

Props to Consider

  • No costumes – not allowed in competition
  • A judge’s robe for practices (increases fun factor)
  • A gavel for the bailiff during practices (increases fun factor)
  • Display board or easel behind witness so coach can offer suggestions to attorneys
    • Comments could include things like “slow down”,  “no ands”,  “speak louder”
    • Can use also for general teaching
  • Arrange room like a courtroom 
    • Prosecution/Plaintiff Witnesses
    • Prosecution/Plaintiff witnesses
    • Defense attorneys
    • Defense witnesses
    • Witness (place at witness stand)
    • Bailiff
    • Clerk
    • Judge
    • Jury