Team Dress

I buy expensive suits. They just look cheap on me.  – Warren Buffett

    • Attorneys, expert witnesses, bailiffs and clerks: Suit and tie, nice suit for women
    • Lay witnesses: Nicely dressed, suit and tie not necessary
    • Costumes are not allowed   
      • Witnesses may wear normal clothes that fit the role, e.g., if the witness should appear vulnerable, avoid power clothes
      • Some witnesses may wear a suit and tie because it it’s their role.  For instance if they are a businessperson or an accountant.  
    • All of this is a judgment call the team and coach want to make.  Some team, who can afford it, all dress in the same coordinated black and white sits for affect. 
    • Be aware that income levels vary for team members and some students cannot afford nice suits, ties, dress shoes and so forth.   
    • Consider using club funds and an outing to local thrift stores to buy clothes for team embers who cannot afford them.  This can become a fun event for everyone!