Video Links

Video Links

Three Stooges, “Disorder in the Court” Episode, 1936

Sample Mock Trial Videos

Pennsylvania A Mock Trial Championship (Excepts)

2016 PA Mock Trial Championship (Full Mock Trial)

2014-2017 Oregon Final Rounds (4 full Mock Trials)

Burden of Proof

In a Criminal Case (beyond a reasonable doubt)

Opening Statement

Professor Rose Teaches Opening Statement

How to Deliver an Opening Statement (For Defendant)Mock Trial University

Opening Statement – University of South Carolina Mock TrialOpening Statement by Student

Opening Statement and Closing Argument, Judge David Barker

Direct Examination

Direct Examination I – Hosting a Conversation

Direct Examination II – Establishing Believability

Cross Examination

Professor Rose teaches Cross Examination

Cross Examination – – Florida Trial Attorneys: (1) Leading questions only; (2) Only one new fact per question

Irving Younger’s 10 Commandments on Cross Examination

Lester Street Murder Trial – Great Cross with Close ended questions Jessie Dotson Cross X

F Lee Bailey Cross Examination

Don't put words in my mouth - cross of a doctor with objections

Closing Argument

How to do a Closing Argument (Professor Rose)

Step by Step Closing Argument Ontario Justice Education Network

How to do a Closing at Mock Trial – Defense

Jerry Spence Closing Argument for Defense in a Criminal Case

Portion of Johnny Cochran’s Closing Argument in the O.J. in Simpson Case

From “A Time to Kill” – Closing argument - pay attention to the picture he paints)

Opening Statement and Closing Argument, Judge David Barker

Objections and Evidence

Objection for Mock Trial Students, Clark County Deputy District Attorney and Mock Trial coach John Giordani

Acting an Witness Preparation

Acting as the Ability to Re-Act

Preparing for Cross

Public Speaking Skills

Make Body Language Your Superpower
Stanford Graduate School of Business

Body Language, the Power is in the Palm of your Hand (start at 4:40)

Barack Obama’s Three Best Public Speaking Skills (transcendence, repetition and gestures/voice)

Five Body Language Tricks to Make Someone Like You

Five Killer Tips to Make a good First Impression

Let your Silence speak for you

Just for Fun

Movie "My Cousin Vinny"
Automotive expert witness examinations

Examination True Grit – What it is like to be a witness?

Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men – What is it like to be a witness?

Disorder in the Court - Three Stooges